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I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The big adventure

I am sure every mother feels lost when a child moves out of home before you are ready for them to go...even worse if they move overseas. Daughter #2 has started her overseas adventure, she has not moved per say but there is no return ticket. 
After a week staying with wonderful friends in England, she has started a 9 stop bus tour around Europe...on her own. Did I mention she is only just 18. Day 1 she arrived in Paris after an overnight train trip with little or no sleep. The first message I got was one of frustration that the locker wouldn't except her coins...how did she expect me to help from over 16000 kms away (or 21 hours) I don't know. All I could do was tell her to get a staff member and some sleep. 

Day 2 in France, I get the message that starts with a sentence every parent of a traveler dreads - 'Don't freak out!' My heart started pounding and my head went all cloudy as I tried to read the rest of the message....Phew it is only her phone that has been stolen. This I can cope with, apparently a girl asked her for the time, when #2 check on her phone it was snatched from her hand and the girl ran off. 2 nice guys asked #2 to come with them and they would help her get her phone back ***yeah right*** Lucky #2 was smart enough to be suspicious and went back to her Hostel then reported it to the police. She is now without a phone and about to board a bus to go to Switzerland. I have checked with her insurance and she is able to buy a new phone and will get reimbursed once the claim is approved.

I was so proud of the way she handled the phone debacle, I thought she has grown up in the past few weeks - then she asked for me to post her favorite stuffed toy over to England for her.....seriously. I am the good mother so I will send it with a care package of tim tams and her favorite Aussie treats.

The planned photo a day she was told to send me has been put on hold until the phone is sorted. She is still taking pics with a camera, it is hard to upload and email on the laptop everyday, the Wi Fi is not always the best.

A few of her photos so far,
Buckingham Palace with her host sister (HS stayed with us for 6 weeks in 2011 - she is the reason for this adventure)

The gates of Buckingham Palace - #2 knew HWMBO would like the detail

A church in Arundal - I think she didn't say anything about this photo. 

She loves the streets and houses in England

Some of the notes I hid in her bag the day she left -she has found 15, I hid 24. I hope she finds one in a few months. 

I am finding it a bit hard not to worry while she is on this tour. I wish her safe travels.