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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Death by Chocolate

Kit Kat Lasagna

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook, a kit kat lasagna...it looked wickedly decadent, totally fattening and delicious. Daughter #2 is having her first 18th birthday party on Saturday. I figure she has booked a jumping castle, there is no alcohol and all girls this would be a good birthday cake.

I turned all this

into this

Maybe not all of it....the dish was as big as I thought it was, there was almost half of everything (except the chocolate melts) left. I didn't use the maltessers ***these are my favourites, they have been saved for when the chocolate fairy visits me***

Layer 1

Wafer biscuits - I could have used kit kat but didn't think the extra chocolate was required

Layer 2

Crushed chocolate honeycomb, using a zip lock bag and a meat mallet is the quickest and cleanest way of crushing anything I have found.

Layer 3

Melted white chocolate (this is to represent the cheese sauce)

Layer 4 

More wafer biscuits

Layer 5 

Mini Marshmallows

Layer 6

Melted milk chocolate 

Layer 7


Layer 8

More melted chocolate

 Layer 9

Pop rocks  (A Heston Blumenthal favourite)

Final layer

Kit Kat

I am hoping none of the girls go in to a diabetic coma after eating this - I will be sure to give them a piece to take home with them - only so it is not left in my house! I have just lost 15kg....I don't plan on putting it back on with one desert!