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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Swisse Color Run

The happiest run on the planet, this is how this event was sold to the public, my Niece (related by friendship not by blood) told me all about this event, it sounded like a great photo opportunity and it was. The first date for this event was cancelled - lucky for me because it was a day that I was not able to make it.

This run is sponsored by Swisse and was every bit as fun and colourful as all the advertising, the rules were very strict *** insert tongue firmly in cheek*** this is my favorite bit from the FAQs 

How strict is the “white clothing dress code” for the start of the event?
We will have white clothing police inspectors located throughout the event.  You will be arrested and put in The Color Run™ jail if more than 11.8% of your clothing is a hue other than white.
Were you kidding about the question above?
Yes we were.  As long as runners wear shirts that are mostly white, you are totally good.  They can include team logos and any other image you see fit.  Shorts/pants don’t need to be white, especially if it’s after labor day.  To the point… It is really just more fun to run starting in white and ending, well…. COLORIFFIC !!!!!
How is the color administered?  Will I be hurt, maimed, or killed?
Ha ha ha! we love this one.  No, it doesn’t hurt at all.  It is like getting into a powdered sugar food fight.
You are sure??? Teenagers with paint ball guns are not involved at any point?
Yes. We are 100% sure.
Daughter #3 and I went only to take photos, we were not participating...this did not stop the crowd from sharing the love of colour, my camera and I were covered by the time we left, a few friends offered concern for my camera....apparently bad thing can happen if you get dust on your sensor DUH...I didn't change my lens at all and avoided it when possible. A wipe with the inside of my shirt every so often kept the lens and LCD screen clean. 

 not on the camera OK....

The crowd

Everyone had a huge smile at the end of the day....how could you not be happy on a day like this

sharing the love, with clean spectators.
Not so clean now
exhausted after a big day

I can't wait until next year, I will 'run' and not take my camera. (or maybe just a point and shoot camera, I will need to record the event). There is already dates planned for Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast for 2014. I