I live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia – according to ME. I have a job I love (most of the time), 3 beautiful girls, who are old enough now to be independent…but still need their Mummy. #1 is nearly 21, lives with BF, #2 is nearly 18, saving hard for a gap year in the UK and # 3 is 14, loves One Direction and the Hunger Games. Hubby and I have been married 21 years and I don’t know what I would do with out him.

I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

100 Days of Happy

There is a new challenge going around Facebook, #100HappyDays, http://100happydays.com/ a few weeks ago a friend was telling me about it and said it would be good for me to do.....I agreed it was a good idea then made excuses why I wouldn't be able to do it now, not enough time to process my photo, when I am working I don't always take a photo, the clarity on my phone camera is not good, I will wait until I get a new one, I am too busy, blah blah blah...I was one of the 71% who would find an excuse not to be happy.

I was making excuses alright but as I thought about it I realised I can find something to make me happy any day, all I had to do was take a photo of it....or find one from my collection, I was stressing about the taking a photo yet the challenge is to submit a photo.

When my girls were little I used to ask how their day was, I would get 'fine', 'good', 'alright' as answers, when asked what they did they would tell me  'stuff', 'played', 'work', you know the same answers all parents get, I found when I asked what was the best part of the day they were more giving with their answers and soon it was a competition to see who had the best day. I did not have to ask the question many times before it became natural to share the best part of your day with the family. I now get txt messages from all my girls saying 'guess what' when they have something exciting to share with me. (I will often reply with something totally random)

I won't bore you with all the photos I will be sharing on Facebook, just the really special things that make me happy, some days the hard part is deciding which happy to post.

I joined a group of photographer at 5:30am to shoot the sunrise over Brisbane, I am not a sunrise photogragher as I am usually driving to work as the sun comes up, I don't want to get up early on my days off. This day I was starting work a bit later and had plenty of time to do both. It was also the first really cold day of the year and boy was that a surprise.

With Mothers day approaching the shops are full of pots of flowers, I treated myself to a pot of daffodils - these were going to be my happy photo for the day. After a few macro shots of the flowers I decided to take an 'in the garden' photo. My gorgeous Lilly  decided to see what I was doing on the ground, this was the perfect result

Seeing my photos displayed in the local library  - this is a seriously happy moment.

Spending the afternoon with friends and showing them a new photography trick. (I have had 2 requests from other people to try this since posting on FB)