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I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The anti everything.....

I did it again.....I ruined a photography shoot

I finished work early, so checked in with RQQZY and AH to see if they had plans for a sunset shoot, the boardwalk at Caloundra had been recommended to them so this is where we met. I love this part of Caloundra, there is rocks and a winding boardwalk, views of the Glasshouse Mountains and surfers both young and old.
Everything looked perfect, there were light fluffy clouds, the tide was coming in, kids were playing, mums where reading, couples sharing a romantic walk, surfers riding the waves and even a few cargo ships coming and going. Then 20 mins before the sun went down, a haze hide the mountains and storm clouds covered the sun.

I have been blamed before when the sunset fails, the Mentor has asked me to join him a few times for a sunset shoot - every one a fail, I met with RQQZY last week for coffee and a sunset at Point Cartwright, all the makings of an amazing sky, but nothing....NADA.....ZIP.

I got to thinking about the some of other photo opportunities I have ruined, 

  • Coffee with the Jpegs at Caloundra last year - rain and gale force winds
  • Night shoot in Brisbane - rain
  • Camping at Yabbalumba - rain (for forty days and forty nights)
  • Sunset at Point Cartwright with the Mentor - no colour
  • Sunset at Moffet beach with Mel - high tide
  • The Christmas break up at Bribie - rain
  • Sunset at Moffet beach with Mentor - clouds blow away
  • Blue wren photos with Mentor - birds that were there for 3 previous days gone...without a trace
  • Sunset with HWMBO at Shelly Beach - Fail

It has been suggested that I preform some sort of ritual before going on a photoshoot with others....I wont tell you what was suggested. Lets just say it is not gunna happen.

This is all in fun, I know I am not at fault (i think), I always come away from every shoot with a photo I am happy with, even if it is not the one I planned. I get a bit of a kick out of the title and I wear it with pride, it is not everyone that thwarts mother nature. 

All jokes aside, I was happy with my photos from last night, not a magic sunset, but an awesome moon rise. Followed by a night photo at Bullcock Beach. 

Moon Rise looking towards Kings Beach

Couple taking a romantic stroll

Surf school

Mum waiting for surf school to finish....enjoying time to herself

the dark clouds roll in as the sun sets

Bullcock Beach night lights, families enjoying BBQ's and fish and chips