I live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia – according to ME. I have a job I love (most of the time), 3 beautiful girls, who are old enough now to be independent…but still need their Mummy. #1 is nearly 21, lives with BF, #2 is nearly 18, saving hard for a gap year in the UK and # 3 is 14, loves One Direction and the Hunger Games. Hubby and I have been married 21 years and I don’t know what I would do with out him.

I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fun Weekend

Although the weekend seems like a long time ago (it is Wednesday and I have had a busy few days at work) I had the best time last weekend. After a few hours work on Saturday I meet with some of my favorite photographers for lunch and a natter.

We checked in to an amazing hotel overlooking the Story Bridge, the room was booked for 6 people, there was a double bed, 2 singles, a fold out sofa and a trundle bed. We were tossing for beds and debating which 2 of us would share the double bed, I kept quite during the talk discussion, listening to the comments of ' I don't mind', 'I snore', 'I wiggle'.  It was finally decided who would share so I gave my reason for not wanting to share....I cuddle, I have been married for over 20 years, I have only ever spent a few nights away from HWMBO, the last time I shared a bed with someone not him (my mum) I snuggled all night. I got the the sofa bed!

We meet with more of the Jpeg photographers for coffee and planning of the night shoot. With no real plan in mind we followed the river walk for shots of the bridges of Brisbane - of course the sun set was a fail, it often is when I am with a group of people...my photo of the William Jolly Bridge was very bland - just plain boring.

After the sun went down the photos got better, Brisbane really is a pretty city
This is my post card photo....the view on all the postcards for Brisbane.

As night fell we walked to Southbank all of us looking for a 'different perspective' our photo challenge for the month, my different perspective...is more of a reflection - still a different view of the Brisbane Wheel.

I had to get a photo of the Lord Mayors Christmas Tree, it is so pretty. I tried to use the cut out for bokeh - I thought there was too much light, but later discovered I was doing it wrong. 

After hours of walking, we made our way back to the hotel, with grand plans of doing a light painted group photo in the botanical gardens...sore feet and a few glasses of champagne blew this plan out of the water. I took a few photos of the balcony - laughing at the girls who were scared of heights, something that has never bothered me - I knew I was safe (the rail was above waist high and I didn't put any of my weight on it - I know all about metal fatigue, thanks to HWMBO)

Playing with a cutout on my lens to create bokeh happy with the result, will try again - I have a plan

view from the room with 2 single beds

It is funny how when you get a group of girls together for a sleep over there is always late night games and giggling no matter how old we are - we had a ninja ghost stealing toes and taking sleeping photos for Facebook. (Which was removed as soon as it was discovered)

Early morning breakfast and walk around the markets before a trip to Woody Point, not ideal time for photos in the middle of the day, however the site has potential for late afternoon or early morning. I played a lot in photoshop with this result, which I love btw.

The end of year break up for the Jpegs finished my weekend, lots of food, people and photos at Bribie Island. Last year it was raining and I didn't get my camera out of the car even though there where Tawny Frog Mouths spotted in a tree near by. Not only did I find the tree the birds were nesting in I found two Tawnies awake and happy to have their photos taken. I was very excited and kept my find too myself until I got some photos.

Again the sunset was a fail....Andrew (the Mentor) kindly told me it is not my fault that it is my fault that the sunsets fail when I am around....which leads me to wonder how often people chase the sunset/sunrise when the conditions look perfect but mother nature takes away the magic.