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I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Steam Train

On the other page of this blog is the 104 photos in 404 days challenge...404 days has past (i think about a month ago) but I am going to finish the list...I am very good at starting something and never seeing it through so this time I am determined. I know that I can go snapping and create situations to finish this challenge, in fact I have for a few...however these photos are not ones that I am happy with so I am waiting for the 'perfect' moment now.

I do look for the moment, I know what is left on my list so I can plan how to get the photo I need or have visualized. The steam train has been one I have been planning for a few months, the most local steam train to me is at Gympie - The Gympie Rattler. I was planning on a Wednesday when I wasn't working to find a place on the route to get a photo - this plan has been foiled by all the rain and flooding in Gympie (4 times in the last year) the tracks have warped and the train is not running. Bugger.

A few weeks ago our local paper advertised 'The Sunshine Express' a heritage train tour from Brisbane city to Landsborough on Saturday 2 March, how excited was I. I got the schedule and worked out the best places to get the northbound and southbound journey photos, HWMBO and I planned our day around the schedule, and it rained...not gentle pitter patter rain, torrential rain, this was not going to stop me from getting my photo so we waited at 'my spot' in the car, the plan was when the train came we would stop the wipers for a clear shot. We waited an hour before I checked the schedule - no change...had it been canceled? Was it just late? I finally rang the hot line and got a recorded message - the train left Brisbane 1/2 hour early. I had missed it.

The rain continued all day but I was determined to get my photo, for the return journey we where 1/2 an hour early after 50 mins I was ready to give up and go home it was pouring rain and in the effort to keep my camera dry i was getting my back wet, HWMBO was great about holding the umbrella - all the time thinking there must be a better way.

Just as we turned to walk away the train came, I got my shot YEAH I expected the train to slow as it came though the station....no it went shooting past blasting it horn. I shot so fast my camera couldn't keep up so I missed the photo of the driver as he pasted. All good I got what I wanted.

This is what HWMBO was thinking about while holding the umbrella - how he could not be there. He made me a connection for an umbrella to keep me and the camera dry. 

Lets hope they sell....any money we make goes towards a weekend away. 

PS This is the logo I created