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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Preconceived Ideas

I am guilty of approaching a photo shoot with a preconceived idea, I don't mean a plan of the photos I wanted to take (I always try to have some sort of plan). I was told about a disused insane asylum that is on the grounds of UQ Ipswich, it has not been renovated in the 15 years since closing. I was very excited and set about getting permission to photograph this building. I am a UQ employee so I imagined this wouldn't be very hard.... my first mistake. 6 weeks of playing email tag with different departments I finally got the go ahead. While I was waiting for permission I saw  some photos of abandoned asylums in the US, this is where the preconception came to play, I wanted to see the operating table, old chairs and theaters.


It was not like that at all, the Blair Pavilion is used for storage....that was my first disappointment, the building had been cleaned a few years ago so it was not a neglected as I expected. I wanted there to be old furniture in the rooms...

As a result of my disappointment I didn't even look at my photos when I loaded them to the computer, I dumped them in a folder and never intended to go back to them....until I heard that I was very lucky to be able to take these photos, a work colleague told me that she has worked at Ipswich campus for 10 years and has never even been in the building. It is a no go zone. This prompted me to go back and look at my photos...so I could send her one or two.

They were a lot better than I originally thought, which makes me wonder should I leave my photos for a few weeks before editing? Probably not, but it would be a good idea to go back and look at my raw files after a few weeks, I might see something I had dismissed the first time.
It was a rainy day when I took these photos, I liked the clouds around the old building

The current security guard posed for a shot for me
Names of the patients are still on the doors
Scratch marks on the door from when the patients where is lock down

Long corridor

Inmate art - preserved

Adam and Eve - no separate bathrooms. No privacy