I live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia – according to ME. I have a job I love (most of the time), 3 beautiful girls, who are old enough now to be independent…but still need their Mummy. #1 is nearly 21, lives with BF, #2 is nearly 18, saving hard for a gap year in the UK and # 3 is 14, loves One Direction and the Hunger Games. Hubby and I have been married 21 years and I don’t know what I would do with out him.

I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Epiphany

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have written a blog post, I have no real excuse except life gets in the way. I have been busy with work, home and photos. Work is all kinds of crazy with every weekend booked, lucky I am able to share the work load with my colleagues (a few years ago it fell to me to do all the weekends - until I had a tanty and said 'NO MORE I CAN'T DO IT ALL {shouty capitals intended}. Circumstances have changed a bit at home and we have finally been able to get some much needed work done...this will be another post in a few days ***I hope***

In my last post I was talking about finding my 'style' as a photographer, while I still have not found 'the style' I have come to a huge realisation. ***Insert dramatic music*** I do not want to make a business out of photography, not that I don't think I am good enough, I am. I just don't want the stress or the pressure that goes with making money. 
I love photography everything about it (except maybe getting up for sunrise), I loved some aspects of the weddings I have photographed....but I hated trying to get the families organised for the group shots. I will still do wedding photos for friends and families if asked (any excuse to use may camera) I will take baby photos of any babies that are related to me, I just won't do it for money. 
I feel really good about this decision. It means everything I photograph now, I do for me and me alone.

This past few weeks I have been working on ideas, I come up with a image (or I see something on the net I would like to reproduce) then I work on how to do it. I have played with a few ideas that have turned out just how I imagined them too. I have gotten into the habit of sharing my idea with HWMBO or my daughters, so that I have some accountability. To show I am not just making it up as I go and hoping for the best result, not that it matters. 

The monthly challenges on the flicker group help a lot with my ideas, they give me a 'theme' to focus on.

This was my entry for the Up Close Portrait challenge, #2's friends are so much fun to dress up and play with, we had a huge laugh over the makeup session, I didn't know what I was doing and neither did she so lots of makeup wipes later we got the look I wanted. (this image didn't place I was a bit heavy handed with the background, I should really re edit....one day)

This months challenge is another portrait one - surprisingly only it is Portrait showing extreme emotion. This was good because I had the whole hospital garb idea running though my head. my models couldn't quite pull of the expressions I wanted for the escape through the ferns- probably because we were laughing too much. The hollow log provided the perfect hiding spot.

This was is #3 and our beautiful Lilly, I wanted this image to be a bit dark and mysterious,even a bit magical. I know I pulled it off when The Guy Who Taught ME Everything messaged me saying "This image brought to mind Silence of the Lambs"  

Feel free to let me know what you think, I will try not to be so slack and post more often.

Be Happy and smile often