I live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia – according to ME. I have a job I love (most of the time), 3 beautiful girls, who are old enough now to be independent…but still need their Mummy. #1 is nearly 21, lives with BF, #2 is nearly 18, saving hard for a gap year in the UK and # 3 is 14, loves One Direction and the Hunger Games. Hubby and I have been married 21 years and I don’t know what I would do with out him.

I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Monday, 17 September 2012

I got a puppy

My Birthday has come and gone, HWMBO took me away for a few days to Stanthorpe in Queensland's Granite Belt. He wanted to visit a few wineries, I wanted to take photos and visit Girraween National park - the last time (only) was for year 11 school camp. This camp was one on the most unpleasant times of my school life, it rained, it was cold, my two friends were more interested in hooking up with some of the guys they virtually ignored me. We were made to do a walk up the granite rocks, this was either really hard or I was so lazy I couldn't manage. I am amazed I even wanted to go back.

We visited 2 wineries on our first day and spent lots of money, we stayed in a beautiful self contained cottage called Apple Blossom Cottage. The owner advised us to set and light the fire before we went for dinner as we would need it when we got home. Dinner was at very well known Italian restaurant Anna's. Dinner was very good hearty Italian lots of it. We also  sampled a lot of the local wine during dinner - I will say I was impressed.

I REALLY wanted to get up early for a sunrise at Girraween, but after a night of fine dinning, wine and grown up games, we both decided it was better to stay in bed when the alarm went off at ridiculous o'clock - I checked the temperature and it was 5.2oC  we snuggled back down and got to Girraween at 8am (not bad considering it was a 20min drive) the kangaroos and wallabies were enjoying the cool morning and didn't seem to worry about us at all- I am sure if we got closer it would have been another story.

We decided against doing the tough walk to pyramid rock, preferring the easier walk to the granite arch. This walk was like a stroll down the street, it was flat and easy. The wild flowers were just beginning to bloom so I was stopping all the time to get photos, I was changing lenses all the time trying for the perfect shot. 

Because I missed the sunrise shoot, I asked HWMBO to come back for the sunset over the rocks and some star trails ( I had not tried this before and thought the rocks would make a good foreground for star trails) all day this was planned until 4 pm when he pointed out a flaw in my plan - the sunset was 5:30  but the stars wouldn't be out until at least 7pm. So we compromised - dinner at the pub and star trails.

Well the star trails were a complete fail. I needed more time, a blanket, a cup of tea, a chair and someone who was happy to wait. I look at it as a learning experience. I will try again when I have more time or am camping so I don't have to drive anywhere.

Lucky the next morning was not so cold, on our way out of town HWMBO wanted  to visit a small town that was known for its Artisans and art work. Apparently not any more there was two shops open in town - the post office and a factory warehouse clothes shop. I think once the highway bypassed the town, everything closed down. So we went to an apple farm and brought some cider and apple products. (unfortunately it was too early for lunch and too late for morning tea, the apple pie looked and smelled divine)

We stopped in Warrick for me to photograph a beautiful church, the lunch by the water at Springfield lakes. There were swallows nesting on the speakers outside the cafe, I am thinking of using one of the photos for my challenge photo this month - the signs of spring. (the other challenge is self portrait I am still thinking about that one.

Ok the heading of this blog is I got a puppy - because I did.

We got a Golden Retriever puppy named Lilly, she is 13 weeks and the prettiest ball of fur I have ever seen. She has such a nice nature, she is egar to please and she loves me unconditionally. Our previous dog was H's Lilly has bonded with me, when ever something scares her or she wants to sleep she looks for me. She has spent more time asleep on my feet than anywhere. We planned for her to sleep on the tiles in case of puppy accidents.This lasted about 10 mins she cried and barked until I caved in and brought her upstairs to sleep next to me. She will sleep there until further notice.

Lilly will be the most photographed dog. Especially went small children are